Monday, March 5, 2012

Amazing off leash trail

This past weekend my mom and I met for a walk. I searched for some good off leash parks so that I could bring Emma and hopefully tire her out! I lucked out! We took her to a off leash dog trail. Perfect place for Emma. It was a network of trails and all the poochies were off leash. Emma did wonderful! She listened and got some time to play with other dogs. My mom and I got to get a good walk in as well!

I had such a great day with my mom and Emma. Allen and I will be heading to the trail once he is home!

In other news, today was a first for me. I had to picket for the first time in my short career as a teacher. It was great for a couple of reasons. It felt good getting out there to stand up to George Abbott and Bill 22. It was great to spend two hours with Miss Amanda!
Not so good part...seeing that not everyone supports teachers. I know its part of being in a union, but it was really disheartening to see people showing their displeasure with teachers...
Something I need to get used to I guess!


  1. Such a powerful day! Proud of us and standing up for our beliefs!

    Great pics :)

  2. thinking of you two!! hope this all gets resolved soon!