Friday, March 16, 2012

Peanut butter cookies and a little hockey

So I have been away from blogger world for a little while. Been busy...been saving up so I could do one good post instead of a bunch of "meh" posts.
So before I get to these....

A quick recap of some hockey!
Allen and I went to the Vancouver- Montreal hockey game the other weekend with friends. The Canucks lost- boo...but it was still a good time!

Just checking out our hotel room. Gotta love King size beds!!

The tickets! :)
Now I know you are itching for the cookies...but hold your horses! I need to show you something that I am giddy with excitement over...

SPRING!!! It is almost here! I pulled some weeds today...still too wet and gross to do some major gardening, but I can tell Spring is coming!!!!

Now onto the cookies!

Allen and I made these delicious cookies last night. I swear I haven't made cookies in ages!
Butter/Oil Free Peanut Butter Cookies were just what I wanted!!
I found them through pinterest so you can find me on there and check out my Delightful Treats board... or just click the link :)
I copied the recipe...only thing I changed was I did half a cup Kraft Smooth Peanut and half a cup of natural chunky peanut butter.
They made 12 good cookies (especially since Allen and I dipped into the batter...seriously amazing batter folks!).
Anyways I am off to go do some errands... I see some sun popping out! Yahoo!

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