Friday, July 29, 2011

Popcorn, lavender and hives...

On Wednesday Allen and I stopped by my grandparents house for a visit and to pick up some more plants that my grandma picked up for us.
Their neighbour stopped by with some lavender for me. She had just clipped her lavender plants and had a bag full of it for me.
This morning I put them into bundles...

I also played around with the ISO setting on my camera.
Thanks Anne from fANNetastic Food for the tips on ISO settings!
I learned so much!

After playing with the lavender bundles and camera...I made these popcorn snacks

I haven't tried them yet as they are "cooking" in the refridgerator. No bake popcorn snacks!
I will let you know how they turn out!

In other sad news....Miss Emma has the hives :(

She is either having a reaction to a mite bite...or an allergic reaction from something in her environment!
She also got another skin scrapping. She has a bacterial skin infection...
This poor poochie is having some bad are Allen and I's wallets.. :(

In good news though...
I have some exciting Long Weekend news...
but you will have to wait till after the Long Weekend..
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I'm loving

I have a couple amazing recipes that I will be making this week, that I cannot wait to post for you!
Here is a sneak peak:


Thats all the recipe sneak peaks you get for now...

Besides all the amazing blog recipes I am are some websites I am currently loving or mildly obsessed with:

If you go and sign up, come find me! I owe this wonderful find to Amanda!

I really don't know how it took me so long to find this website.
If you love to cook or bake this is the website for you!!!!

Lastly..okay almost lastly, here are a couple of items I just really want right now...

Isn't this watch just gorgeous!!??!?!

I want one of these bikes so bad!!!
Okay so I could go on and on...
I love Tina from Carrots n' Cakes recent blog post about Marketing and Promoting Your Blog
So much useful stuff!

What are you loving these days?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Caught me a fish!

This past weekend Allen and I headed up to his property on the west coast.
I love it here...

We are honestly so lucky to be able to spend so much time out here.
A couple of friends met us there with their poochie and boat.
Emma had so much fun playing with their dog, and we had so much fun fishing.
We saw so many porpoises, the water was pretty calm and the weather was amazing.
The best part?

Catching a 17 pound fish!!!
This is the biggest salmon I have ever caught. I am not any huge "fisherwoman"; however I do love the thrill of reeling a fish in. I also love providing some of the food that we eat!

The girls seemed to be the winners for biggest fish of the weekend. Both Laura and I caught bigger fish then the boys!

Pretty amazing, hey?!
We got lucky with the weather and the fishing...
we didn't get lucky when the boat motor decided to start smoking and die..
We had come in from fishing off shore and were tooling around Sail Rock when we decided to go grab the crab trap and head in. We were heading in when we spelt something burning. In no time the motor was smoking and we lost power.
We had to flag a nearby boat down to tow us back to the boat dock.
We had to row a bit as the boat that was towing us was too large to go in close to the boat dock.

Hopefully the boat ends up being okay...we still haven't heard anything yet.
Anyways the weekend was a success (minus the boat problems).
Last night we came home and cleaned the fish, gave Emma a bath then went to sleep! We were tired!
Guess whats for dinner tonight?!
Photos from dinner are to come...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunny...well sunnier skies..

So the photos for todays post are brought to you entirely from my iphone. I don't carry my good camera around all the time so lately my iphone has been subbing in.

So last night Allen's dad and stepmom came up for dinner. They surprised us with some lovely bread from Cobb's Bakery as well as some yummy cinnamon buns and croissants. Everything is amazing.

This morning, Allen used some slices of the bread to make us delicious french toast. (photo to come...)
He did a great job on breaky!

After Allen left to go do some firehall stuff...I went for a walk...which turned into a run. It wasn't anything fancy...or long, but it was a start in the right direction...

Please excuse the horrible photo..I need to work on taking photos of myself on the iphone!

After my run, I did some errands....where I found this book

Apparently its a really good book and it was only $10 at chapters, so I couldn't resist!

After my errands, it was off to work.. As I write this I am still sitting at my desk... waiting for a student to show up.
This was my snack today :)

Anyways once I am done at work I am heading home to eat dinner which I cannot wait for. Since its nice out, all Allen and I want to do is bbq and I was craving smokies guess what we are having for dinner!!?! Smokies!! :)
After that I believe we are off to the dog park for Emma to have a run around!
Hope you are enjoying this sunny weather!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer salad

Part of tonights dinner was inspired by dinner at our friends house this past Sunday. Spinach salad! To go along with the salad, Allen and I bbq'd up some white salmon for dinner. Overall it was pretty tasty especially since I was starving from work. I swear I couldn't get enough food today. I was hungry all day!

Our spinach salad consisted of strawberries, almonds, sunflower seeds and spinach. I used a store bought salad dressing, but tomorrow I am going to make a homemade dressing. :)
I put bbq sauce as well as a steak rub on top of the salmon. Seriously one of our better throw together dinners.

After dinner I headed out to meet Amanda for coffee and a stroll. I finally got to try a new coffee shop with her. I got a blended lemonade. Once we got our bevies we headed out for a nice stroll.

It was a great walk along the marina. We saw 3 people paddle boarding.... After Morgz post about paddle boarding, I have really wanted to try it out. Amanda and I watched jealously as the three paddled around....
I am off now to go read... I am starting a new book. I have been reading a book that I don't enjoy so after chatting with Amanda, we decided I should scrap it. Why read a book you don't enjoy, right?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Light and Lemony Bars

Happy Monday!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good. Friday night was spent hanging out with some lovely friends celebrating changes in careers and bon voyages. We went to dinner at a wonderful Greek-ish restaurant. Allen and I shared the calamari and I had the chicken souvlaki. So delicious! We all smelled of garlic after...a sign of good eating!!

Saturday after work, Allen and I headed to a campground to go visit some of his family for a little bbq. There were water slides and pony rides. A water slide at a campground!?!? I know, right!?!?! Pretty cool!

On Sunday Allen and I went on a search for a new bike for him. His last bike was stolen...and it was time for him to get a new one. He picked himself up a new bike, as well as treating us both to new helmets! :) After he got his bike we headed to a nearby trail. When we got there we realized my rusty bike had some problems. A tire has a funny bubble going on...then the best back break rubs on the tire making a quacking noise! Yes my bike sounds like a duck. After 20 minutes I had had enough of my bike...its quacking and weird vibrations.... and we headed home.

After our bike ride I made these delicious light and lemony bars for dinner at our friends house.

These bars are great. Super easy! I definately recommend making these! They are great for dinner parties or bake-offs! :)

Anyways I think I am off to go pull some more weeds. It is finally nice outside! PHEW!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simple Bean Dip

I got motivated..WAHOO!!
Allen and I are currently watching Saturday Night Live. Not sure if its a rerun but Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake= good combo!
I just made Court's amazing bean dip.
She made this dip for a girls night awhile ago and I fell in love.

It's super easy to make and it was just what Allen and I wanted for dinner tonight. I think I may play around with it a bit more as mine was a little soupy. I don't know if it was from the sour cream. Allen has devoured into it.

Guess what came on Friday?!?!?!

I got some fun goodies that I cannot wait to try. I'm particularly excited to use my sundried tomato herb dip mixture. I think it will taste fantastic on a summer pasta salad!

I have been thinking that I should use our lawn for a fertilizer commerical. I recently fertilized our newly hydroseeded front lawn. WOW does it work!??! I guess I missed some spots!

It kind of looks like a mini maze! Don't fret... I fertilized my missed spots ;)

Anyways I am off to go watch some more SNL....this is where I am going to plunk myself for the night...

I'll be back tomorrow with a post run photo (hopefully). Miss Morgz has been doing a great job with the post run photos!

Rainy day quote

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow..."
Jerry Chin

It has been raining alot lately. I am feeling bummed about this weather. Allen and I went to a family function today at a rained alot... It was fun, but it poured!
I am now curled up on the couch with my hoodie, sweats and slippers on. I am wrapped up in my fave blanket.
I owe you a better post. Here is what is coming tonight (if I get motivated) or tomorrow:
  • My epicure order came in... you will love what I got!
  • My little ponies
  • Light and Lemony Bars
  • Court's fabulous mexican bean dip
  • Current reads
  • Fertilizer gone wrong
 I promise I will try and get this post out to you soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rained out camping...

Allen and I got back from camping this morning...this morning at 2:45am. Yes thats right...EARLY! We got lucky with our weather while camping; however while we were sleeping it decided to pour... Allen and I figured that we might as well pack up and go sleep in our warm, dry beds. We were packed up and home within 30 minutes! :)

During our stay out in the woods, we went fishing, played some ladder golf, drank some delightful bevies, visited with some friends, and ate some good eats.

My aunt is visiting my mom for the week, so they decided to come up to my place for a visit. It was awesome! They brought some lovely eats and we had a yummy dinner out on the patio.

For dinner we had ribs, caesar salad, Flax Flex bread from Coombs and corn on the cob. After dinner we went for a walk to the grocery store. My aunt has tried ice cream bars called Magnum, a number of times in other countries and more recently they have come to Canada.
We decided to go and track them down to give them a try.
WOW! Belgian chocolate with vanilla ice cream inside. It tasted like a fancy revelo!
So delicious!

Tomorrow after work I am heading to Chemainus with them to go see Fiddler on the Roof. Prett excited!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A camping we will go...

Yesterday was my brothers moving day! His house is UNBELIEVABLE! Like I am jealous. I think I told him that a million times. Its a beautiful, huge house! Anyways, moving went well. For one person he has an awful lot of stuff! lol

It was a fun day filled with family, lifting, eating and even shopping (at the Dollarama!).
When I got home from helping my brother, I came home to get camping stuff together. Allen and I are heading out soon and I cannot wait!

A quick update...
Allen is on his way home from a stag with some buddies. They went on a guided fishing tour...

What a babe! I've only talked to him in small snippets, but it sounds like he is having a blast, catching some good looking fish.
We are going to be eating real good!
Anyways, I will be back in a couple days after our camping trip. Cross your fingers the weather stays nice for us!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yard work, popcorn kernels, pretzels...oh my!

I have some major catching up to do... So a few things to let you know about..
Allen made Kraft Dinner for lunch yesterday and look what was inside:

This is the second time this has happened to us. I don't know what was going on at Kraft, but yes those are popcorn kernels!

In other news, I made homemade pretzels!

I made two kinds: cinnamon/ brown sugar and sea salt!
I have never used yeast before...or made any bread products before so I was very happy with the way they turned out. The recipe was fantastic, giving step by step instructions with good photos!
I definately recommend giving this recipe a try.
*A note on the recipe: it only makes 6 pretzels, but I think I may make 8 or 9 and stretch the dough a little thinner as the dough really rises when you bake em!

Along with baking, I have been busy with yardwork. Since Allen has been home we have been framing in parts of our yard, making legit flower beds and areas for rock chip.

It looks so much cleaner now! I have reseeded areas of our yard and I am hoping that things start sprouting and growing!

I am pretty excited for the rest of the weekend. Tonight its pizza dinner with Amanda, and tomorrow is moving day. I'm helping my brother move into his new house! :)
Then Sunday is camping day!
 Allen and I are going camping at a nearby lake. Its perfect, I get to camp and still run into town to go to work!
What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Picnic date and beginners bread

I'm trying a new location for todays post....our office desk. I usually do most of my blogging from my couch, but I thought I'd give my office some love....

Last night Allen got home from camp. Woohoo! After getting groceries, we headed out for a nice dinner picnic. Some snap shots...

Allen munching on a chicken samosa
My thai pasta salad...heavenly!
Say "cheezeeeee"
A fashion post...
The weather was perfect for our mini picnic. A comment on my fashion post.... second hand shirt from Court, then do-it-yourself jean shorts. :) After the movie, Allen and I went to the newest Transformers movie. Gotta say, I enjoyed it.

On to todays plans...
  • find a recipe for making homemade bread
  • yard work
  • go to the bank
  • take some clothes to the Salvation Army
  • spend some time with Allen
Hope you have a fantastic Thursday...its almost the weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bread Alone

A quick update on what I am reading..

I started this last night after a couple failed attempts at other books....
So far so good...

In other good news..

this guy is home tomorrow ;)
Woohoo! Super happy..

Monday, July 4, 2011

Learn to run

Happy Monday everyone!
Last night was open air theatre night with Amanda......M and G also showed up to watch the show. I thought it would be a good idea to get there an hour early to try and beat some of the crowds and to get a good spot. Well I should have paid attention to the start time...and when it actually gets dark. Amanda and I got to our spot at 7:30 and I don't think the movie started till 9:45. By that time...our butts were damp from the grass...and we were getting antsy. I enjoyed the movie but as soon as Rio was over, we were outta there!

Today has been fairly productive. I have cut the lawns, fertilized the backyard, booked a couple campsites on beautiful Quadra Island and changed our TV plan (I cut down to the "light" choice as I need to stop watching so much tv!).
I am getting very excited for summer! These are my plans (so far) for summer:
  • Camping, camping, camping! Allen and I have already planned two camping trips..
  • Chemainus Theatre with my mom and aunt
  • Helping my bro move into his NEW house
  • Lots of day trips with Amanda... trips to Hornby, Denman, Coombs are on our list..
  • Kings of Leon concert (I know its in September...but I can't help but be excited for it)
  • Lots of reading
  • Starting my 10k training. Court, Morgs, Anthem and I decided we would try and do the Times Colonist 10k next year! I found a learn to run a 10k I am hoping to start that today!
  • Picnics at the beach
  • Fishing
  • And of course, lots of blogging, cooking, and photography...

So thats my summer lineup so far...

Some questions for you...
Any tips for running a 10k?

What are your summer plans?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good eats, good friends

Last night a few close girlfriends came over for a night of healthy eating, relaxing and catching up. We made a decision to only bring healthy food...or "healthier" food at least. Check out our spread..

Court made homemade pitas with hummus as well as a rice krispies dish.

Miss Morgs brought guacamole with chips and some banana granola bars that I will definately be trying myself!

Don't you love the napkins? These were a blog present from Morgs!
A brought some yummy frozen fruit yogurt cups.

I tried making kale chips for the first time. They were okay...

A few of the girls enjoyed the kale chips. :)
A few of us brought some clothing to get rid of. Most of us walked away with a couple pieces. It was pretty fun watching everyone try on different..sometimes odd pieces of clothing. More photos to come from the fashion show!

Overall it was a great evening with some lovely ladies! It was great to see them all especially with the summer crazyness approaching. Morgs is going to be heading off for some schooling...Anthem is off to Calgary... I'm gonna miss these ladies!
Tonights the movies with A. We are watching Rio on an open air screen. So excited!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lemon cookie flop

Morning everyone! So before I tell you about this....

I wanna tell you about my Friday. So Friday I helped my parents paint there laundry room. They went with a dark brown...I LOVE it, especially with the new flooring they are putting in. When I got home I weeded the area for Emma's future dog run. I took a whole garbage can of weeds outta there.

Trust lookes better then it did before. I am going to be really honest about something I did last night. Our weedwacker has a blade on it instead of the normal weedwacker head. I don't know how to change it back.... our yard needs weedwacking. So last night I got desperate. I took my scissors....and gave the grass a haircut. I know desperate times call for desperate measures. Anyways...thats my story about the grass.

Check out Emma's new collar..

She looks possessed here. I don't know why...mind you some days I would wonder?

So back to the cookies. I tried to make this recipe...

Lemon Poppy Seed Banana Oatmeal Cookies
I thought they were gonna be delicious. I was interested as there was no flour or egg in this recipe.... Me being a rookie baker should have realized that they were probably not going to set up. Well surprise surprise... Cookie Pancake.

So now I am on the hunt for something else to contribute for our girls night of healthy meals... I am at a loss.

Anyways hope you have a fantastic night. Tonight will be full of laughs, good food, lots of pictures and lots of blog talk! Can't wait!