Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Source: OhSheGlows

Happy Birthday Canada!

Today I am spending the day helping my parents renovate their laundry room. I will be on paint detail. It will be a good way to help stir my creative juices.
How are you celebrating Canada Day?

Yesterday I took some photos of Emma and I. Allen has been sitting in Fort Mac wanting a photo of the two of us. I was having a good hair day (hehe) and it was nice out, so I tried to do a photo shoot with the pooch and I. She doesn't sit still...

So that was our slobbery photo shoot. Don't you just love my green pants? Allen loves them...NOT!

Anyways I need to get myself together to head on down to the parents house in Nanaimo.
Have a good Canada Day!

PS. My bestie Court has started her own blog, My Life in a Designer Bag. Check it out!

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