Thursday, June 30, 2011

100th Post

Hooray! Its my 100th post! For my post today I have a yummy recipe to show you.

I made seafood spinach curry last night! I played with things and created this one without an actual recipe!

I had halibut, spinach and some curry paste so I got creative. Here's what I did:

Seafood and Spinach Curry

1. In a sauce pan I heated up olive oil and added garlic powder, onion powder and fresh garlic.
2. Meanwhile I bbq'd some halibut up and made some brown rice
3. Once the pan was good and warm I added some curry paste. I stirred it around in the pan, then added some milk. I whisked them all together. I added the  milk till I got the consistency I wanted.
4. After the sauce had come to a good simmer I added prawns, and added the bbq'd halibut. I let this simmer till the prawns were cooked through then I wilted some spinach into the pan. (I let the spinach wilt for a couple minutes)
5. Remove from heat and serve with some rice! :)

It was pretty good. I did add some cornstarch to the mix to try and thicken the sauce. I would try cream or even half and half rather than skim milk next time as the sauce was a little thin for my liking. I would also add more spinach. Overall this was a pretty tasty dish!

So since this is my 100th post, I thought I would take this time to set some goals for this blog. I have some things that I would like to try for my next 100 posts.

  • I want to learn more about photoshop. I want to explore photo editing and all that jazz.
  • I would like to figure out how to have photos situated right next to each other. Right now I can only do one photo per "line" (if that makes sense). I want to be able to have multiples of photos all together (collage-like). 
  • I would like to try and start posting more clothing posts.. "what I am wearing" as well as more photos with my family and friends! I want to personalize this blog a bit more.
  • More recipes...
  • More fitness (attempts)

Those are my goals for now...
Happy Thursday!


  1. congrats brooke!! we should work on those blog goals together- mostly the photos. I really REALLY need to work on my photos. I'm going thrift store hunting for cool "props" this weekend- plates, napkins, glasses, etc. wish me luck!!

  2. OOh such a good idea! I love going to thrift stores for plates and stuff like that! See you soon!