Saturday, June 11, 2011

9 holes

So I am not the greatest golfer. I really enjoy hitting the ball long distances, but putting is not my thing. I also lost interest halfway through the game...of 9 holes! I didn't do terrible, but didn't do great.

After golfing Allen and I went grocery shopping and came home to do some yard work and chores around the house. I decided to make us fish tacos for dinner. I used halibut that Allen caught last weekend. I bbq'd it up with a bit of tex mex seasoning, then laid it on a bed of goodness. Avocado mixed with a bit of sour cream and tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. It was delicious!

Allen's taco looked a little different as he doesn't like avocado much.

Finally my exciting news... I am attempting to grow an avocado tree! I found some info online... check it out ;)

I'm hoping it works and I end up with an avocado tree! Wouldn't that be great! :)
Anyways Im off to watch some Whale Wars then a movie! I love lazy Saturday nights!

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