Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PB and Bananas

For breakfast this morning I decided to try something I have seen many bloggers doing for breakfast..peanut butter and bananas.

I toasted up some GoodHaven bread then topped it with peanut butter and bananas. So delicious.

Its not the greatest photo...a little shakey! Sorry! :(
After I ate my breakfast I went outside to check on the pooch only to discover she had taken to ripping apart the filter cloth that Allen and I had stapled along the bottom on the fence near our flower beds. NOT IMPRESSED. Right now she is in her kennel "thinking" about her actions. But while I was outside I got to see this pretty sight.

My pretty roses are blooming. I have this pink plant and I have a light yellow plant. The yellow rose is a little behind but I am loving all these blooms! :)

My plan for today consists of taking resumes out and getting some exercise before I go to work. :)
Have a good day!

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