Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some shopping...

Happy Father's Day!!

My dad is out of town, so we celebrated last its just Emma and I today. I just got home from tutoring and grocery shopping. Now I am going to do some cleaning. But is a recap of my shopping weekend.

Friday night was shopping with my mom. We didn't buy too much. She bought a nice sweater from Jacob. She treated me to a pair of shoes for work. A while back she said she would buy me new shoes to replace my stinky shoes...well I found some and she reminded me...I had forgotten :) . I purchased a lacy tank for teaching as well as a pair of shoes. After shopping till we dropped...I bought us heavenly creamsicles. So delicious!

Saturday C and I hit up Superstore. I ended up buying a sweater and a shirt. C bought 3 really nice shirts and a sweater. Her shirts are navy blue...such a good color for her!

I bought the runners recently at Costco! :)

After shopping C and I headed back to her place for a lovely bbq. I got to see her Bali photos too. Soo nice! :) It was a great even visiting with friends that I just don't see enough!

I am trying a new recipe tonight that I will post later. Its a rice, pepper dish... looks yummy. It even involves me grilling a red pepper :). I think I am going to make some carrot bran muffins too.

Here is a snap shot of my lunch break...

Well I should get back to my cleaning. Laundry and dishes call my name...

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