Friday, June 3, 2011

Spa day at the Dentist?

My flowers are starting to come out! Yahoo!

Yesterday I went to Costco. It wasn't too bad. The parking lot was a zoo, but inside was pretty good. I didn't buy tons..just a few necessary items: dog food, chicken, chicken wings, bananas, pineapple, Kashi cereal and a new book :)

Today I went to the dreaded dentist...arg. I went to a new office today and it was fantastic. My hygienst was a male...dressed in a dress shirt and dress pants. It threw me off. I was expecting scrubs. Anyways, he did some xrays then gave me a paraffin wax treatment for my hand. My little hands went to the spa, while I got my teeth cleaned. Anyways it was a more enjoyable trip to the dentist.

On my way home, I stopped off at one of the local thrift stores. I go there frequently as they have the best used book selection. I picked up a few more books. Some good finds....oh and I forgot to mention..I found Booky Wooky by Russell Brand at Walmart for pretty cheap. I have been wanting this book real bad!

Check out SOME of my summer reads:

Some good reads..some "we will see" reads! I can't wait! I am reading Girl in Translation right now, then it will be Booky Wooky!

Now on to the weekend. This is how my weekends shaping up:

Tonight is dinner at our neighbours. We gave them some Halibut so they are cooking us some hali tacos!

Tomorrow I work and have a staff a pub! Yahoo!

And Sunday, I think Allen and I are going fishing. Should be fun to get out on a boat for a little while. Its supposed to be nice this weekend so its going to be the perfect time to be on a boat. I just have to make sure I bring a hat and some sunscreen. Don't want to sizzle on a boat.

Hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy the sun!


  1. ummm sounds like I am going to the wrong dentist.. hahha :) have a great weekend my lovely friend!

  2. also! I love that bicycle built for two blog! good find!

  3. also! I love that bicycle built for two blog! good find!

  4. I thought you would like that blog!!