Sunday, June 26, 2011


Check out my flowers! :)

Today was a pretty productive day. My amazing parents came and saved me from major stresses. My parents helped me build a fence around my garden!

Along with my new garden fence, I cut the lawns. The front and back lawns are nicely cut now! Allen's lawn mower scares me so I was lucky to use my dads. My dad also managed to give Allen's lawn mower some TLC so now I can start it no problem!

I gotta brag for a second now. I made some delicious chicken today. I had some leftover spinach and some chicken. I ended up making a yummy spinach chicken roll up. I researched different ideas online, then looked at what ingredients I had in my kitchen and voila!


1/8 or 1/4 cup of Herb and Garlic cream cheese
Spices of your choice

Firstly, beat the snot out of your chicken. Just kidding! Hit it a bit with a meat tenderizer so that the pieces are thinner. I microwaved the spinach. I then mixed the warm spinach with the cream cheese so that it melted. I rubbed the chicken with spices. Then I spooned the cream cheese mixture onto the chicken, then I rolled the chicken up. I secured them with toothpicks then popped 'em on the bbq till they were all done.

Easy as pie and super delicious!

I feel pretty good about my chicken masterpiece. I made rice and carrots to go along with it, but they were overshadowed by the delicious chicken! I kind of love myself for this creation.

Now I am going to relax. Might go for a stroll as I havent done that; however I should add cutting the front and back yard was a good bit of exericse!!


  1. nice meals friend!! you are awesome!! ps. rutabaga fries= gross. but maybe thats just me. rutabagas aren't my thing I guess! didn't like the flavour or texture. see you next weekend!

  2. You are so creative with your food! I wish I had skills like that :)