Thursday, June 16, 2011


Happy Thursday everyone!

Well I am pooped! I have TOC'd 3 days this week which is pretty good. As my fellow blogger A mentioned, the troops are restless. They are antsy. They are loud. They are ready for summer vacation. Today was especially busy... but its Thursday, almost the weekend. The best part...both of my tutoring clients cancelled. WAHOOOO! Another night off.

Anyways last night was spent watching and fretting over the Canucks game. My buddie C and her new husband came up with a number of friends. Good food...good friends... The Canucks unfortunately lost; however it was overshadowed by pathetic rioters and looters. I am ashamed of what some people did in the streets of downtown Vancouver. I am also proud to acknowledge the people that tried to stop the rioters, and those that participated in the clean-up.

Allen has gone back to camp again. We were lucky to have him home for as long as we did, but a mans gotta work! :) We aren't sure when he will be home again..2 or 3 weeks. I hope it flies by!!!

One last was Emma's birthday the other day. I made her a peanut butter and carrot cookie with doggy treats sprinkled on top. Check it out :)

She is one huge dog now! I just can't wait for her to become a "normal" dog...meaning..more calm and maybe a little less stubborn.

I will try and post some new photos soon. I will either post some baking...or our new tv......or maybe some of the clothing finds I get tomorrow. I think I am going shopping with my mom tomorrow afternoon!

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