Monday, June 20, 2011

Things I'm loving (or wanting)

A friend introduced me to the iphone app MyFitnessPal. Its a great tool for keeping track of what you eat during the day and how much exercise you have gotten. It has a great database for food...I went to Taco Del Mar and had a mondito burrito...MyFitnessPal told me how many calories it was! Its even eye opening to see how yo-yo I am with my eating. Saturday I ate over 1000 too many calories...where as yesterday I consumed 400 less than I shoul have. So yo-yo. Anyways so far I love this app..and the best part..its online too! You can even invite your friends to log on an become your friend just like facebook. I have 3 friends already. You can check to see how much exercise they have gotten and if they need some encouragement! Love it!

One other thing..that I want is the Carrots 'n' Cake book by Tina Haupert. I have seen alot of bloggers going off about how great her book is. I have added this to my book list. Too bad I can't get it from the library!

So those are a couple of things I'm interested in right now.

Here is what my afternoon looks like:
  • Shower
  • Lunch
  • Errands
  • Meet A for a visit and to give her her birthday present
  • Print off some resumes (to take out tomorrow morning)
Once I get this all done..its off to work I go. What are your plans for the afternoon?

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