Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flowers and salmon!

Before I go off about what I ate for dinner...check out my flowers...these are blooming in my backyard right now. Heavenly!

Anyways, back to food. I went grocery shopping today. I have been on the hunt for salmon burgers. I would love to do fresh salmon burgers, but I don't always have fresh salmon...and I hate buying fresh salmon ($$$$), so I found some great ones from Costco. I bbq'd one up for dinner tonight... it was delicious!

They work for quick and easy dinners, especially when I am cooking for one! :)

Some other things to update you on... I discovered this group yesterday and I'm kinda loving their sound. I downloaded their whole album yesterday.

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Have a good evening! I am off to go watch some tv, relax and have some tea! (I don't know what I would do without tea!)

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  1. you need to show me how to plant some gorgeous flowers(in my non existent garden hahaha) xo