Monday, July 25, 2011

Caught me a fish!

This past weekend Allen and I headed up to his property on the west coast.
I love it here...

We are honestly so lucky to be able to spend so much time out here.
A couple of friends met us there with their poochie and boat.
Emma had so much fun playing with their dog, and we had so much fun fishing.
We saw so many porpoises, the water was pretty calm and the weather was amazing.
The best part?

Catching a 17 pound fish!!!
This is the biggest salmon I have ever caught. I am not any huge "fisherwoman"; however I do love the thrill of reeling a fish in. I also love providing some of the food that we eat!

The girls seemed to be the winners for biggest fish of the weekend. Both Laura and I caught bigger fish then the boys!

Pretty amazing, hey?!
We got lucky with the weather and the fishing...
we didn't get lucky when the boat motor decided to start smoking and die..
We had come in from fishing off shore and were tooling around Sail Rock when we decided to go grab the crab trap and head in. We were heading in when we spelt something burning. In no time the motor was smoking and we lost power.
We had to flag a nearby boat down to tow us back to the boat dock.
We had to row a bit as the boat that was towing us was too large to go in close to the boat dock.

Hopefully the boat ends up being okay...we still haven't heard anything yet.
Anyways the weekend was a success (minus the boat problems).
Last night we came home and cleaned the fish, gave Emma a bath then went to sleep! We were tired!
Guess whats for dinner tonight?!
Photos from dinner are to come...

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