Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer salad

Part of tonights dinner was inspired by dinner at our friends house this past Sunday. Spinach salad! To go along with the salad, Allen and I bbq'd up some white salmon for dinner. Overall it was pretty tasty especially since I was starving from work. I swear I couldn't get enough food today. I was hungry all day!

Our spinach salad consisted of strawberries, almonds, sunflower seeds and spinach. I used a store bought salad dressing, but tomorrow I am going to make a homemade dressing. :)
I put bbq sauce as well as a steak rub on top of the salmon. Seriously one of our better throw together dinners.

After dinner I headed out to meet Amanda for coffee and a stroll. I finally got to try a new coffee shop with her. I got a blended lemonade. Once we got our bevies we headed out for a nice stroll.

It was a great walk along the marina. We saw 3 people paddle boarding.... After Morgz post about paddle boarding, I have really wanted to try it out. Amanda and I watched jealously as the three paddled around....
I am off now to go read... I am starting a new book. I have been reading a book that I don't enjoy so after chatting with Amanda, we decided I should scrap it. Why read a book you don't enjoy, right?

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