Sunday, July 10, 2011

A camping we will go...

Yesterday was my brothers moving day! His house is UNBELIEVABLE! Like I am jealous. I think I told him that a million times. Its a beautiful, huge house! Anyways, moving went well. For one person he has an awful lot of stuff! lol

It was a fun day filled with family, lifting, eating and even shopping (at the Dollarama!).
When I got home from helping my brother, I came home to get camping stuff together. Allen and I are heading out soon and I cannot wait!

A quick update...
Allen is on his way home from a stag with some buddies. They went on a guided fishing tour...

What a babe! I've only talked to him in small snippets, but it sounds like he is having a blast, catching some good looking fish.
We are going to be eating real good!
Anyways, I will be back in a couple days after our camping trip. Cross your fingers the weather stays nice for us!

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