Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunny...well sunnier skies..

So the photos for todays post are brought to you entirely from my iphone. I don't carry my good camera around all the time so lately my iphone has been subbing in.

So last night Allen's dad and stepmom came up for dinner. They surprised us with some lovely bread from Cobb's Bakery as well as some yummy cinnamon buns and croissants. Everything is amazing.

This morning, Allen used some slices of the bread to make us delicious french toast. (photo to come...)
He did a great job on breaky!

After Allen left to go do some firehall stuff...I went for a walk...which turned into a run. It wasn't anything fancy...or long, but it was a start in the right direction...

Please excuse the horrible photo..I need to work on taking photos of myself on the iphone!

After my run, I did some errands....where I found this book

Apparently its a really good book and it was only $10 at chapters, so I couldn't resist!

After my errands, it was off to work.. As I write this I am still sitting at my desk... waiting for a student to show up.
This was my snack today :)

Anyways once I am done at work I am heading home to eat dinner which I cannot wait for. Since its nice out, all Allen and I want to do is bbq and I was craving smokies guess what we are having for dinner!!?! Smokies!! :)
After that I believe we are off to the dog park for Emma to have a run around!
Hope you are enjoying this sunny weather!!!


  1. Cute pic! And man alive I love those Special K crisps!