Thursday, July 7, 2011

Picnic date and beginners bread

I'm trying a new location for todays post....our office desk. I usually do most of my blogging from my couch, but I thought I'd give my office some love....

Last night Allen got home from camp. Woohoo! After getting groceries, we headed out for a nice dinner picnic. Some snap shots...

Allen munching on a chicken samosa
My thai pasta salad...heavenly!
Say "cheezeeeee"
A fashion post...
The weather was perfect for our mini picnic. A comment on my fashion post.... second hand shirt from Court, then do-it-yourself jean shorts. :) After the movie, Allen and I went to the newest Transformers movie. Gotta say, I enjoyed it.

On to todays plans...
  • find a recipe for making homemade bread
  • yard work
  • go to the bank
  • take some clothes to the Salvation Army
  • spend some time with Allen
Hope you have a fantastic Thursday...its almost the weekend!

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