Saturday, March 3, 2012

Delicious salad

Happy Saturday!
Before I go into my delicious salad...a recap of the week!

I managed to fit in two classes at the gym this week as well as one workout of my own. Thursday is was Combo Express. Won't be returning to this class. I felt like it was a senior citizens workout class...
I left feeling like I could probably have worked out again. Oh well..

Friday morning I went to my usual workout class, Bender Ball. It was awesome.
After the class, I realized how much I need to work on push ups.
Anyways my arms have been sore since my workout on Wednesday.. and now my a** hurts from yesterday.
I love feeling sore.

Today I went to a Bridal Fair with my friend Chelsea. She is getting married in September and she thought I might want to join her.
I will never go to a Bridal Show again unless I am engaged. It was annoying being asked if I am a Bride-to-be. No I am here for friend that is getting married... please stop asking!!! :P

Anyways I was going to post you a
recipe for Banana Bread; however I have lost the recipe!?!?!? I don't know where it went!
I will leave you with this recipe creation though...

Please ignore the crap photo. I realized halfway through the dish that I should blog about it!
So I call this recipe Salmon and Yam Salad!
1 yam (roasted or in my case microwaved)
Leftover salmon
Feta cheese
Red wine and olive oil dressing
Combine and enjoy! I must say I didn't know how the yam was going to taste in this was delicious!

Any good salad combos?

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