Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lemon delight

I have never baked cupcakes before, so when I had a get together to go to last night, I thought cupcakes were in order. They were super, super easy to make, pretty basic ingredients...fairly yummy! I found the icing to be a little sweet, but then the actual cupcakes themselves aren't overly flavourful, so it all kind of balances out?? I used this recipe..

I would definately give these a try if you need something sweet to make... I want to play around with the flavors a bit as well. My thinking was to try using raspberry or strawberry flavored instant pudding instead of the lemon flavoured kind, but then keep the lemon icing. I enjoy raspberry/ lemon pairings.

The cupcakes were a great addition to a great night with friends. There was lots of yummy treats to munch on. The munchies added to our hilarious game of MadGab!!!
Have a good SuperBowl Sunday!

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