Sunday, February 13, 2011


So to celebrate my friends birthday we went up to Mtn Washington to the Ozone tubing area. Tons of fun! I hadn't been tubing in ages. 2 hours cost about $15 and it was fairly worth while. We probably had about 5 or 6 runs down the track. It was nice because we could go down in different combos (pairs..everyone)..and they spun us, etc. The conditions were decent. It was cold and blowing pretty good, but still enjoyable.
Going to the mountain has definately lit a fire under my butt to learn how to snowboard. I'm not a huge fan of strapping something onto my feet that can take me flying down a hill uncontrolled (ie. rollerblades, skates, skis, snowboards); however I would really like to give the whole snowboarding thing a try.

Anyways if you have a chance give tubing a try up at Mtn Washington. They have night tubing which is pretty awesome; less lines, less kiddies.

PS. Had some laughs on the tubes for two ladies that were there in spirit!!!!

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