Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Molasses Cookies EVER

I am going to pass on an amazing cookie recipe in todays post.
Before I get to that I wanted to show you something awesome...

Surprise Christmas presents from tutoring students and my bosses! I got some delicious chocolates, hot chocolate and lots of starbucks cards. I totally wasn't expecting anything so it was super cool to get these nice gifts!!

The other night I decided to use a packaged curry mix that I got for Christmas last year. You can buy these packages at alot of craft fairs...

All I had to do was add crushed tomatoes and chicken then bake.
The verdict?
It was okay....
The rice didn't cook through enough..there were some interesting tastes...all in all it was kinda a bust! I think I will stick to making my own curry next time.

Finally,here it is...the best molasses spice cookies ever!!!

Since finding this recipe I have made 3 batches of them. Allen said these may be the best cookies I have ever made! I am making these for a cookie swap with some lovely well as sending these cookies home with some of my students for xmas!!
Happy Baking!

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