Friday, August 26, 2011

Basil pesto pasta

You will have to excuse my lack of posts lately.
I am feeling unmotivated...uninspired with my blog right now.
I have been running out of ideas.
I am hoping that I will get motivated soon..
I did promise you a new recipe or two. I finally tried a new recipe today.

I didn't have any bowtie pasta so I just used macaroni.
I really enjoyed this recipe. The best part was probably the cherry tomatoes. They provided a great contrast in flavor against the pesto.

My mom and I made pesto this past week and I just popped it into the freezer until I needed it.

We just used this simple pesto recipe.
Super easy, super delicious.

I would definately give both recipes a try.
Super easy and delicious...couldn't ask for more in the summer!

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