Monday, August 29, 2011

Duncan Farmers Market

This past weekend I visited a Farmers Market in Duncan with my mom and a couple of her friends. It was a great local market with lots of fresh produce.
My mom and I picked up some amazing sourdough bread..

Some succulents.. this one is called a chick and hen?!?! I am pretty excited because the lady that sold them to us recommened planting them outside as they are pretty hardy.
I was expecting to have to keep it inside, but nope this plant finds a home outside!

We also bought some blackberries, but I ate my share on my car ride home. Such a good snack!
And last but not least, we bought some rhubarb! I was so excited for this purchase as I love making rhubard sauce!

If you haven't made rhubarb sauce before you must try it! I just chop up the rhubarb...pop it into a pot and let it boil down. Halfway through I add some sugar to taste. I added approximately 1/3 cup for a good size amount of rhubarb.
Once I have let it cook down.. I pop it in a tupperware for storage in the fridge!
Then....when I am ready for dessert..

Pop it on some ice cream... 
I must say...pretty good dessert!

I am pretty excited for today. Courtney is coming up for a visit. I believe we are going to venure out for lunch at a restaurant that offers a gluten-free menu. Perfect for my gluten-free friend Courtney.
And then....Allen is home Wednesday!
I am excited to start TOCing again, but honestly where did the summer go???
I always get excited for the start of a school year. I get back to routine...
Before school starts I always like to do a big fall clean and organization of my house.

What are some of your back to school or welcome to fall routines?

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  1. I love that bread!! so delicious- have fun with Court today!! Tell her I say hi!! Miss you both so much. can't wait to see you sooooon! xoxo