Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simple bruschetta and blueberry crumble...

This past week I went to visit a friend that I haven't seen in two years. We went to university together and kind of lost contact over the past couple of years.
Randomly we started chatting and I ended up going over to her place for a night.
I got to see her new condo and met her boyfriend.
We had alot of catching up to do.
For dinner she made me really delicious bruschetta.
I decided to try and recreate it for dinner tonight...

I cut up tomatoes and onions...

I tossed the veggies with olive oil, dried basil and garlic...
Then I topped some toasted bread slices with the mixture..
I added some parm. cheese on top as well.
I baked 'em for 10 minutes in a 375 degrees oven...

They turned out okay. My friend Jenni's were much better...
I would have used real parm. cheese and different bread. Oh-well!

For dessert I got creative again...
Blueberry Apple Crumble..

This was super easy. I cut up an apple, mixed in some blueberries then topped the dish off with a combination of whole wheat flour, margarine, brown sugar, rolled oats and cinnamon. These ingredients need to be combined and "crumbly" before putting it on the fruit.
 I pretty much eye-balled the measurements till I got a consistency I liked.
I baked these guys at 370 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes.
I could have baked them a little longer so that the apples were a little more tender. Overall this was pretty tasty and super easy!

Allen's gone fishing for the weekend so I am taking it easy tonight. I am having a "Brooke" night.
On the agenda:
  • Mop the floors
  • Clean our bedroom
  • Color my hair
  • Paint my nails
  • Take Emma for a walk
  • Watch a movie or finish my book
I will be back tomorrow. Amanda and I are going to Coombs tomorrow so I will have some photos to show you!!!

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  1. awesome photos B- you little photographer!! miss you!