Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful Pachena Bay

So this past weekend I headed out to Pachena Bay to relax and soak up some sun!
Allen, The Sanhs, Shawn and I all headed up there Friday afternoon. It was late when we got there, so we were setting up our tents in the dark!
Once we got settled, we headed down to the beach. It was amazing. The sky was clear so we could see stars for miles. The beach was covered with people having fires and partying!

Saturday we woke up to clouds, and misty rain. Such a bummer. After sitting around the fire, cursing the rain, we headed into town to go pick up Morgz!
She has been working her butt off with school work, so we came and rescued her for a break.
By dinner time the sky had opened up and it rained and rained....
We set up a tarp...while it was raining...duck taping the holes as we were getting dripped on...

Sunday we woke up to this...

It ended up being absolutely gorgeous on Sunday.
Here are some snap shots from Sunday Funday!

I have never seen a dog dig as much as Emma did this past weekend. She dug a 4 foot hole that we had to warn people about at night...

More on the food front...
Allen and I had Greek Chicken Kabobs, salad and garlic bread for dinner on Sunday.

The kabobs were super easy! I bought metal ones that I can reuse. This week I am going to try grilled cauliflower.
I better get going, but I will post more photos from Pachena soon!


  1. Gorgeous pics, friend! That salad looks delicious!