Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Catchup

I have some major catching up to do from Christmas holidays. I have a number of things to go over in this post.
First things first.. check out what my mom and I made for some DIY gifts!

Christmas Joy Cookies-in-a-jar
*We changed the name to Christmas Joy cookies instead of Girlfriend cookies

My mom and I made these cookies in a jar for a bunch of my family members. Everyone seemed really excited about them. We put all the ingredients into jars, then attached some little recipe cards.

Our other DIY gift:

Chocolate Oreo Cookie Bark

Before I give you this recipe I must make a disclaimer. THIS IS SWEET and you may have a sugar high after eating some of this.
My mom found this recipe for Chocolate Oreo Cookie Bark on the Kraft website.
We followed the recipe on our first batch, then made some adaptations for the second batch. We found that when mixing peanut butter and oreo into white chocolate...the white chocolate looks kinda "meh". So we mixed the peanut butter into the semi sweet chocolate. This made the white chocolate keep a "whiter" color.
After the bark had cooled and hardened, we broke it up into pieces and wrapped it up into fancy gift bags.
This is a super easy recipe and gift to give at the holidays!

So other than baking and crafting, I have taken part in some great Christmas festivities.

Ugly Sweater Party

New Years Party

And lots of wonderful family time! Allen and I had 4 family dinners for Christmas which was awesome!
I am very thankful for the wonderful Christmas I had....and
I am very excited for the beginning of 2012!
Here are a couple of my resolutions for the year:
  • Continue with a fitness plan. Try to find balance between the exercising and good eating.
  • Be more openminded...think outside the box
  • Consume less sugar
  • Work hard to save and cut down on my debt levels
  • Work lots
  • Take more photos
There they are...hope I can stick to them!


  1. love it- wonderful resolutions B. I am looking forward to another year of fun with you!

  2. I cant wait for 2012..lots of good times with wonderful people :)

  3. good resolutions friend! I know that you will be successful! glad we became so close in are an amazing friend!