Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend update

I was really excited to show off a new recipe today...but the recipe wasn't that great so I won't bother you with it. I made Ranch Chicken Wings....they weren't too impressive.
Anyways here is a recap of my weekend..
Friday was a bust. I was sick..well not sick just incredibly dizzy. It was really freaky. Anyways I spent the day on the couch watching Modern Family. Hilarious show by the way!!

Emma is missing Allen I think...
After work on Saturday I took Emma to the beach for some playtime..
It was gorgeous out!

*Note the treat on the ground in front of her...she was being very patient!
Last night I hung out with Miss Emma and did some major reading.
I finished Nineteen Minutes this morning. It is about a school shooting and is written from the point of view of a number of characters from the story.
It was sad...terrifying but good all the same.
Not sure what book I am going to start next. I have a few choices :)

This morning I met Amanda for coffee and a good catch up!
After coffee I decided to go check out VV to see if I could find any good second hand finds.
I sure did!!!
My kitchen colors are olive green, brown and mustard yellow...
Look what I found:

I managed to get a set of 4 plates and 3 bowls (: all for 6 bucks!
They are the perfect color!
I was so happy with my purchase...even if its a bowl short!

Anyways tonight I am going to try making Cheesy quinoa bites! I am going to serve them with a poached egg...thanks pinterest for the ideas!!!


  1. those cheesy quinoa bites are on the menu for us this week! let me know how they turn out and if I should adjust the recipe!! yum! they look delicious. great photos- hope you are feeling back to yourself and see you sunday!!! ps. LOVE those dishes. they had some like that at pier 1 that I have been drooling over for a while :) great find!!

  2. The cheesey bites were good, but I would recommend rolling them into balls, or making them flat and put them into a dish to bake. trying to take them out of a greased muffin tin wasnt the most successful thing.
    Cant wait to see you Sunday! I need to go to pier 1 sometime soon!! xoxox