Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break...Spring Cleaning

Both school districts that I work for are on Spring Break so I get to sleep in without the fear of getting a 6am call out...I made a list yesterday of everything I want to get done this week...I even have two days without the pooch to really focus (she is going on a pack hike and then getting spayed the following day).. My lovely friend made me feel motivated to post my list... and goals for the week :)
*clean the office...or should I say organize the chaos... DONE. Took me 4 hours!! Now its nice and tidy :)
*laundry DONE
*clean out my car...give it some TLC by topping up all its fluids..
*get outside! Go for a walk...I really want to do a learn to run program...
*vacuum DONE 
*get warranty work done on our house...(new sliding glass door, get screw pop outs filled, get our split support beams fixed).. just waiting on the new sliding glass door
*clean up the backyard from land minds (joys of dogs) DONE
*READ READ...Im going to head to the library today..can't seem to get motivated to read any of the books I have sitting in my bookshelf. I have started two books in the last week and both I couldn't get into. Found the book The White Bone - should be interesting- written from the perspective of a elephant named, Mud. Scratch that- I cannot get into this book...HELP!?! I need some reading inspiration!
*start crocheting...new hobby I want to try
*print off new TOC cards
*organize my sub bag DONE
*do a sally ann run...Im on the hunt for a foot stool and a new end table...plus I have a ton of boxes full of stuff I need to get rid of!
*get my lovely bestie's stagette sorted out ;)
*find time to meet my lovely friend Amanda for a starbucks and a stroll DONE :)
*Caribbean night with friends in Nanaimo- cannot wait!


  1. this is an ambitious list!! well done! I'm working away on mine :)

  2. You were my motivation behind posting my list. A good blog post idea my friend!!! Sounds like you are gettinh alot accomplished!