Sunday, March 27, 2011

Successful girls night!

I got together with some lovely ladies last night. We had an amazing visit while munching on delicious delicious goodies. One of my friends made a super easy chickpea, salsa, corn, cheesy nacho dip yummyness... another friend made a yummy chicken satay..

I made a weightwatchers hummus and a toffee crunch apple dip from For the Love of Cooking . It was yummy, but very sweet. I may play around with the recipe a bit more. I will post my hummus recipe asap.

In other news...I got a loaner computer for the next couple of weeks till I get mine back. Its throwing me off a bit with this different keyboard. I keep hitting other buttons by accident thinking they are the same buttons from my computer. I had to stop by my parents house to get the loaner computer and I went exploring in their crawlspace to see what things I still had hiding out down there. WELL I found some old Nancy Drew books that my mom had as a kid. I remember reading them when I was young, so I was pretty excited to find something from the past. I am going to start re-reading them again after I finish my book, Knit Part Two :).

Our dear poochie got spayed on Thursday. She was all dopey and drugged up Thursday night, but shes back to her feisty, hyper, loveable self. We found out what was wrong with her skin too...$517 later. She has a bacterial skin infection!! Seriously?! I know! This dog is turning out to be very high maintenance. :) Anyways she is on some meds in hopes of getting her skin back to normal. It will be great once she has all her hair back so that people don't think there is something seriously wrong with her.

Anyways, hope you are having a good Sunday. I think I may curl up on the couch now and have a little nap!


  1. yay girls night! :) so nice to see you!!

  2. It was great to see you too! Hope to see you soon :)