Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The A to Z of me :)

I've noticed that alot of bloggers do an "A to Z" about them so I thought I'd give it a try. I got the A to Z idea from another blog site so give her blog a look-see.

Age: 25
Bed size: queen
Chore you hate: changing the garbage
Dogs: 1...Miss Emma the ridgeback

Miss Emma..pre grassed yard....50 pounds ago...
Essential to start your day: Breakfast...otherwise I get slightly grumpy :)
Favourite color: purple
Gold or silver: silver all the way
Height: 5'5 and a half ;)
Instruments you play: none...I would like to play the guitar or drums
Job title: Teacher-On-Call and tutor
Kids: One day...2 or 3 would be good
Live: In a lovely house with a mountain view :)
Mom's name: Vicki
Nicknames: Depends on who you are asking...Bee, Munchkin, Bubbles, Brooklets, Brookbank...
Overnight hospital stays: Not since I was in grade 6...
Pet peeve: overly fake people...those "hey hon or hey sweetie" type...I hate being called that by someone I barely know or barely see..
Quote from a movie: its so stupid, but I love the seagulls in Finding Nemo that go "mine mine mine". Stupid I know!
Right or left handed: right
Time you wake up: Between 6 and 8am..
Underwear: yes I wear them
Vegetables you dislike: green peppers, eggplant...are olives a vegetable?
What makes you run late: either Emma, something distracting me on the tv or computer, or me changing my outift decision for the day
X-rays you have had: broken bones...
Yummy food you make: Ranch chicken, Spicy Maple wings...cookies :)
Zoo animal: Giraffes and Elephants

Give the A to Z a try for yourself! Look forward to reading it!

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  1. Age: 24
    Bed size: King
    Chore you hate: the list of chores I like is shorter...but I hate laundry!
    Dogs: One dog-in-law Lewis...also 100 lbs, but a good boy
    Essential to start your day: music, usually country in the car on my way to work
    Favourite color: yellow
    Gold or silver: gold
    Height: 5'7 but I am all legs and no torso...perfect for finding pants (not!)
    Instruments you play: I have 4 harmonicas..does that count?
    Job title: that sounds official for a just graduated broke student...you got the money I got the time
    Kids: at least one biological at some point but I would love to adopt!
    Live: close enough that I can smell the ocean
    Mom's name: June...like the beautiful month <3
    Nicknames: huh? whats your name....annnn-thum? well thats weird...or as I prefer to be called Pk, National, OhCanada (only by Pat) and my favorite is Ansky
    Overnight hospital stays: Nope, I don't live dangerously enough to end up in the hospital...I prefer to read my book
    Pet peeve: negative people...just cheer the f up, two faced people, loud talkers
    Quote from a movie: "you wrap it up" - wedding crashers
    Right or left handed: right
    Time you wake up: 8am ish
    Underwear: some things only Shawn can know
    Vegetables you dislike: Love veggies! I can't think of one I would...oh wait...I don't like brussel sprouts!
    What makes you run late: I say it's Shawn...he says it's me so...Shawn
    X-rays you have had: my mouth which is awesome since it's right near my brain! and my right arm
    Yummy food you make: white chocolate cranberry scones for my wife and chicken cordon blue just recently!
    Zoo animal: Hippos!