Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday

So my lovely friend, A got me the coolest surprise gift. She got me these Spark Story Starters. Its a deck of cards with different writing prompts for students. A fantastic find for a beginning TOC as well as a useful resource for my reading/writing tutoring students. So I thought it would be fun to post some of the starters...feel free to try it for yourself too!

"If you could give one magic power to your running shoes, what would it be?"
Every time I run in my shoes, I lose weight two times as fast! :)

"If you could train your pet to do any household chore, what would it be? How would you train them"
Taking the laundry basket upstairs. I would need to build some kind of ramp so that Emma could pull the laundry basket upstairs. It could be like a tug-o-war kind of deal.

"If you could ride any animal for an hour, which animal would you choose?
How about for a month?"
Its a toss up between a horse and a camel. An elephant would be fun, but apparently they are a little stinky. I've never been on a camel, and I have only been on a horse a few times. For a month would be tricky as my ass would probably start to get sore on either of them for a that makes it a little tricky.

In other news..we started our fence this weekend. Many of my friend know how frustrated I have been while waiting for a fence for our dog. The fence panels are GORGEOUS and it should be all complete by next weekend. I am also getting our ripped up carpet from dear Emma fixed on Friday. There is something incredibly satisfying about doing things around the house..especially when I have been dying for them to get completed or fixed.

So on the front... I was supposed to go for a run yesterday was a bust. I took Emma for a stroll around the neighbourhood, but it was more exciting to watch the fence go up. I am hoping to go for a good walk with a friend this afternoon if the weather holds out. I did okay with my eating yesterday. We went to a celebration of life yesterday and there were some YUMMY treats there...I only ate 3 cream puffs...which is good for me as I LOVE CREAM PUFFS. We had a pretty healthy dinner last night. Chicken, veggies and I made quinoa for the first time. Have you tried it yet? Its interesting. A different flavor...Allen wasn't overly thrilled with it, but he is getting it again tonight as I made lots last night to cut down on cooking tonight. :)

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

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