Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh the places you will see..

I'm feeling a little nostalgic about places I have travelled...and places I am dying to visit. When I was in Australia a few years ago I got to visit the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. Seeing the 12 Apostles was amazing. It was a particularly cloudy day, but our guide said that it was actually an ideal day to see the sights. He pointed out that most people want the perfect blue skys...however to really see the power of the wind along the coast..stormy days are best. The wind was so powerful...and without much poured. We could have gone up in a little helicopter to fly over the coast line; however with the highs winds, most of us were reluctant to get into a little helicopter. Either way it was a memorable moment from my trip.

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  1. oh wow, i've never heard of this place! it looks unbelievable! beautiful shots, too :)