Saturday, April 23, 2011


Im pretty excited. I ordered some products from LUSH a couple of days ago. I cannot wait for the stuff to come in.

I ordered Grease Lightning and Mud Flats.

I received a sample of grease lightning awhile ago and I liked it, then I read my LUSH Times and found out about this mudflats soap. Hopefully it works good.

While I was at work today the boyfriend, his dad, his stepmom and my dad all worked on our yard. Together they worked on our fence as well as getting forms up for the concrete that is to come. We are extending our patio out as well as creating a walkway/ sidewalk thingy in the front of our house. Its so exciting to see our yard coming together. I will post photos once our concrete gets laid. It was such a nice day for it. The boyfriend has a bit of a sunburn and Im pretty sure his dad was burnt as well.

We went out for dinner as a 'thank you' to his dad and stepmom. We went to a yummy restaurant where I had a souvlaki chicken pita wrap with sweet potato fries. So good! I don't usually get greek food when I go our for dinner (Im not experimental) but Im so glad I tried it!

Anyways tomorrow is Easter dinner at my mom and dads house. Im so excited. We are also celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday. Cannot wait :) and stories to come!
Hoppy Easter!

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