Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Bee

Things have been pretty crazy lately. A and I have been frantically getting the yard work done. We have a bigger patio now...and a concrete walkway :)...they are gorgeous. The weather could have cooperated a bit better. We had to constantly tarp everything so the concrete had enough time to set. Our fence is pretty much all done now too. Emma loves having free range in the backyard. I love it, but get nervous that shes going to dig her way to China...or under the fence...or in my garden.. cross your fingers she stays a good girl!

In other news...A left for camp today. He has gone up to Fort Mac to start an electrical apprenticeship. We are excited for this opportunity! Its going to suck having him away again, but it shouldn't be as long as it was last time. This time he will be doing a couple turn arounds, then hopefully school and so on... Im gonna miss him, but it'll be worth it in the end!! Emma is going to miss him too...(she is kinda obsessed with him..)

Lastly...this weekend is...MY BESTIE C'S STAGETTE! Im so so excited. Ive been slightly stressed...nervous planning it. I dont think I would be a very good event planner. I get to nervous about how things will turn out. I want everything to be perfect.. Cross your fingers that the weather is gorgeous..and warm!! Photos to come!

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