Thursday, April 7, 2011

Future predictions

The class I was working in today were writing about where they see themselves in 20 or 30 or so gave me the idea to try it for myself..

I am going to do 10 years from now..

1. I hope to have a teaching job...not a TOC job, but a full time teaching job.
2. Hopefully I'll have a ring on my finger...and planned an amazing wedding with Mr. A
3. Kids would be good...2 or 3..
4. Hopefully I will have a new vehicle
5. I would like to think that I will have paid some of my debt down, but I wonder if kids..comes more bills? More debt?
6. I would like to go on a couple of trips..
7. I would like to take a photography course
8. Hopefully I will be working towards or done my Special Ed diploma or some kind of further education in regards to teaching
9. Buy rollerblades and figure out the skill...this goes for snowboarding and surfing..

Yes this is me...looking slightly dorky, but I was so excited at this very moment that it was worth it.
 Thats all I can really think of right now...Im sure I have more hopes and goals..but they aren't coming to me right now..

In other news, I got to TOC at my moms school today. It was pretty weird showing up to work with her, but I really enjoyed it. We both had an awkward, excited grin on our faces when I showed up. It's always a nice treat having a very familiar face at work!

Happy Thursday,

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