Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter weekend..

I'm getting really excited for Easter weekend. I love Easter...and Spring :)

I made these Cadbury Mini Eggs. They turned out okay. The recipe says you get 2 dozen, I only got about 16 cookies and they aren't very big. I liked the recipe for the fact that it was a one bowl recipe. I managed to bake these cookies without having very many dishes after. The cookies aren't the best tasting cookies I have tried, but they are festive. You have to be very careful with the temperature. I actually lowered my temperature for the last 4 cookies as the first dozen were a little brown on the bottom. If you want to try something festive for the holiday weekend give these a try...or maybe find a different recipe! :)

I was in an organizing mood today. I cleaned and organized my cooking bible. I love how organized it looks now. Yes I am one of those people that crave organization, post-it-notes and funky organizers. But isn't she pretty? I just love my cookbook. :)

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  1. she is VERY pretty brooke :) nice work. I can't wait for some days off so I can do some organizing around here.