Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been in the kitchen...

I have now decided that I was a mixer..the nice mixers.. my dear friend over at scarves&socks has a beauty..and my other dear bestie has a nice pink one. I now want a purple one.. I have a little hand held mixer, but to be honest..I make a mess with it. When I need to cream butter and sugar..things get messy. Anyways.. I made these delicious cookies yesterday and they are delicious!

Then for dinner last night I made these finger lickin' good wings. They turned out pretty good.

We went over to a friends last night to watch the Canucks game..woohoo they won their first game. Im not one of those die hard Canucks fan, but I really enjoy going to their games, enjoying watching the ODD game on tv..but it would be awesome if they could win the cup this year...

In other news...Im reading a good book! I read Glass Castle a little while ago and absolutely loved I picked up another book by the author Half Broke Horses

Once I finish this book, its going to be either Still Alice or The School of Essential Ingredients....have I mentioned that I love thrift stores and book consignments?!?! I love finding a good book for cheap. I did have a bummer moment though. I bought Still Alice from a used bookstore for ten bucks..then went to VV boutique to find it for $3.99..ARG! Oh was too much effort to go and return the book. I have read another book by Lisa Genova and it was great.

Well I better be going...time to find some more music to jazz up my ipod for run numero 2...cross your fingers that I go ;)


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  1. those cookies look yummy!! I miss bloggin'- school is just taking over :(
    ps. i also love that new flower bowl you got! so cute, good find!