Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A big moment

Today was my second day working at the same school as my mom. My mom is a school secretary and she has been a huge supporter behind my teaching career. She is amazing at supporting me through the highs and lows of this career, finding cool teaching resources...great books...great ideas.. etc.etc. When I was doing my teacher training I got to work with her during my practicum, which was great! But now that I have been actually working in her school as a teacher..things feel so much different. Working with her on the same level has helped me feel like a real teacher! Sometimes when you are subbing, its hard to feel like a real teacher...you feel like you are still kind of in between the real teacher feeling...(does that make sense?) Anyways it has been a very fulfilling moment in my teaching career to be able to work alongside such an amazing woman. Its so great to see how much the staff and students love her. I can now check it off my list...I have now worked alongside my mom :) I have finally made it to the place where I am doing a similar job as the one my mom does... I've grown up listening to her stories from the day to day shenagans that happen in schools...now I am starting to be a part of those stories!
Love ya mom!

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