Friday, May 6, 2011

Field Trip

Today I went on my first field trip as a teacher. We went to a Track and Field Meet. I had so much fun! Along with another teacher, we were in charge of the softball throw..pretty easy event! It felt so good to be there interacting with all the students and staff. I'm really enjoying getting to know all the staff and students at the school. I love it when students remember my name and say hi to me in the hallways. I cannot wait to get into a classroom so I can see the same staff and students everyday and really feel a part of a community!

I just had a great dinner. One of my faves..spaghetti squash! I love spaghetti, but I am trying my hardest to cut down on the carbs...aka PASTA PASTA PASTA! So spaghetti squash has been a good substitution! I swear everytime I make it though I almost set off the smoke detector! The oil and high temperature...SIZZLE.. feet are up now..I'm ready to sit and do nothing tonight. Here's my list  for the CSI: NY, talk to the boyfriend hopefully (he is still in Fort Mac)..have a my book.. Sarah's Key.. mhm and thats about it...  Sounds like a fantastic night...

OH WAIT WAIT WAIT...I totally forgot to mention... I am going to KINGS OF LEON!!! WOOHOO! Its on my bucket list to see them...well my dream is to see them in an open air venue like the Gorge..but an arena will do just fine! I cannot wait..4 days before my birthday..the boyfriend got them for us..what a nice boyfriend hey!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!
Have a good Friday!

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