Monday, May 16, 2011

Simple throw together dinner..

I am getting pretty good at this cooking for one thing.. tonight I made some quinoa...chicken...and asparagus...stirfried it all together with some teriyaki sauce.. It was delicious!

Today was a pretty good day for the most part...did an hour of yard work...went for a hour walk with my friend A..
then my car died...AGAIN! Seriously...I wish it would catch on fire or get stolen.... I am taking it in on Thursday to get an overhaul...
Wish me luck!
On a side is what I am reading currently..

Its a mix between Eat, Pray, Love...and a travel novel like one of Bill Bryson's...
The book isn't spectacular, but its still readable. There is a bit too much history of India for my liking...but the other parts are entertaining.
I recently..reset a goal of reading all the books in my bookshelves to try and weed out some crappy make room for new ones..
Happy Reading!

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