Sunday, May 29, 2011

Perogies..oh my!

Happy weekend everyone! Allen is away fishing this weekend, so its been just Emma and I. Friday night I went and saw Bridesmaids with A. It was hilarious..I cried I laughed so hard. Some of the jokes were pretty disgusting, but it kind of just made things even funnier. There were woman 30 years older than me there killing themselves laughing.. I even think guys would enjoy it. Its a bit of a chick flick, but still as funny as The Hangover. I am going to convince Allen to see it and when Courtney gets home from Bali we are going to have to go see it again as she just got married!!

In other news... I am kind of excited. I got an iPhone on Friday. My blackberry (which I havent had for that long) has been driving me nuts. The girl at telus seems to think I might have gotten moisture inside it (you can get this from talking on your phone while it is drizzling outside, or if you leave your phone in the bathroom while you shower). Every time I talk on the phone it makes a horrible sound..very mechanical and scratchy. So anyways I got me an iPhone. It was on for $0, I just had to pay some serivicing fees and renew my plan which is a-okay by me. Anyways I am loving it so far. I just don't full understand how to work it. Waiting in line with A to see the movie on Friday, my phone started to play music and I couldn't figure out how to make it stop. A little embarassing when my technology confuses me!!

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day. Emma loved the sunshine. She was outside for a good chunk of time, laying in the grass.

Doesn't she look happy?

Last night I went to Allen's moms for a perogie dinner. She is ukranian so her perogies are amazing! His step sister is an amazing cook and baker and she brought two delicious desserts, a banana coconut cake and a raspberry jello amazing dessert thing. YUM!

This morning I had a good sleep-in and woke up to sunshine!! I ate my breakfast outside on the patio.

My breakfast: yogurt with a couple strawberries and half a banana cut up on top. Then a sprinkling of Kashi cereal and bran buds. I seriously eat this almost every morning.

While I was sitting on the patio, I checked out my plants. I am going to be planting this cute plant outside in our front yard soon!

I love sunny days. We have seriously been lacking in the sunny weather, so I am hoping the weather starts to improve. Anyways I am off to get ready for my massage! I cannot wait!!! ECK!!
Have a good rest of the weekend!


  1. oh how domestic you are!! enjoy the massage! can I possibly get in on your second viewing of bridesmaids? I have been dying to see it! sounds like a good weekend! soak up that sunshine! xo

  2. Oh no Morgan, you cannot come to the theatre and watch Bridesmaids with Court and I....OF COURSE YOU CAN! You better come...Im thinking Anthem better come too!!! Loved your post this morning~

  3. yayyyy!! haha even if I happen to see it first I will come with you guys for round two! thanks darlin :) I love our little blog world!

  4. I still want to see this movie! I think we are a little late now for the theatre especially since m and I are gone for the summer, but def will get it for a girls night when it comes out! so glad I am getting caught up in your posts...only a couple months to go haha