Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiny little dream

If I could come back in another life...one of my dreams would be to become a professional dancer. I would love to be a dancer and because of it I have a huge weakness for any tv shows or movies that are dance related.. even those cheesy dance movies that have the same plot...I love 'em. Once the music comes on and the dancers start moving.. I am hooked.

I just discovered a new tv show...major guilty pleasure.. Dance Scene with Laurieann Gibson.. and Kherington from So You Think You Can Dance!

Oh the life of a dancer!

In other news, Allen is home tonight! I am heading down to pick him up from the seaplan terminal...tonight...really late...I am going to be tired tomorrow, but gonna be sooooo worth it! He is coming home a day earlier as his job site got shut down because of the forest fires near Slave Lake. So exciting news that he is home tonight!!!! :)

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