Friday, May 13, 2011

Most amazing chicken EVER

I've been waiting patiently to post my newest entry. Blogger has been down since yesterday so I have been checking it constantly to see if it was back up...

I made this recipe from Crepes of Wrath..Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken.. my mom tried it the other night too and said it was brother even went back for seconds.

I can't remember which blog I originally found this recipe off, but it linked to Crepes of Wrath.. Such an amazing recipe. I didn't have any brocoli or good greens to incorporate into this recipe, but I think next time I will either use frozen peas, brocoli or even asparagus to add some veggies into the mix. I just served it over rice. Seriously though...MOST AMAZING CHICKEN EVER and such an easy weeknight recipe... I am pretty excited for Allen to try it...I think he might fall in love with me all over again ;)

In other news, its been a busy week. I TOC'd at my moms school 3 day this week. Been busy but good. They have such a great school community..the staff and students are amazing. Its been nice getting to know all the students and having them recognize me in the hallways and saying hi to me! Since I have been subbing more lately I have decided to post my TOC must haves..Here are the things that currently I couldnt live without....the things that have saved my butt a few times..

1. A good whistle for the gym.. A MUST HAVE! I hate having to use my voice to get students attention while balls are bouncing or kids are running around screaming..
2. Brain Quest cards.. I have grade 2, 3, 4 and the Canadian Version..these are such great time fillers..when you have 5 minutes here and there they are great!
3. Spark story prompts.. My dear friend A bought me these cards. They are great for writing prompts for students, but yesterday I used them just as discussion with the grade 6/7 class I was in. It was hilarious to hear what some of the students said. One question asked if they could stay any age forever what age would it be...most said 21 so they could be a legal adult....can't say I would want to be 21 forever...
4. Easy, premade games with cards or dice. I made some addition game that uses a game board that I keep with me..dice and felts..easiest time filler...but its educational and its awesome to see students playing and learning!
5. Wayside Stories...picture books...most classes become quiet and calm during story time.. :)

Little Emma..only a few months old

Anyways...Emma is at doggy daycare today...she needed to burn off some steam with other pooches...I am going on a cleaning frenzy today...tomorrow my mom COMES FOR THE WEEKEND! I am soooooo excited. Every time we saw each other at school this week we kept saying...SATURDAY SATURDAY!! haha AND ALLEN IS HOME ON WEDNESDAY! WoooohooooOOOO! AND THEN ITS THE WEDDING WEEKEND!!!!! Cannot wait!

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