Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

I don't get to see my mom today, but yesterday I dropped off a gift for her from my brother and I. We got her an amazing gift of LUSH stuff...any excuse to buy LUSH..I love it and she seemed to love it as well. I'm even more excited and lucky, because she is coming up next weekend to spend Saturday and Sunday with me. Its her birthday weekend...I cannot wait. We are going to go to some small local shops...thrift stores...go for some good walks...have some lovely meals..and do some gardening. I could honestly go on.

I love having uninterrupted, unrushed time with my mom. We see each other fairly frequent but its usually when we have a short time frame.

Anyways I hope you all are celebrating with your moms!!! Since I'm not celebrating with my mom today, I am celebrating with my friend A by going to a pancake breakfast at the firehall! Pretty excited!

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